What Excellers need to know

Welcome Exceller! You have a burning desire to achieve something special. You can view the road to the top as a game. And when you get good at a game, you find playing more and more fun. Learn on this website how to become an excellent player = life player . Below is a summary of the most important insights, steps and skills in the ‘game’



In the game you have a mission (‘assignment card with the main experience you can gain’)

As an Exceller, you have already discovered what you particularly enjoy and what you are better at than average. That’s great, because many people only discover during their lifetime what they were born to do.

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Goal of the game

The meaning of life, or the goal of the game, is very simple: continuously create and experience what has been created on the way to fulfilling your mission . And that experience emphatically involves learning from it , but also enjoying it .

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To create

To create is to bring about ‘something’ (a change) in the game. As an Exceller, you want to get to your goal as quickly and smoothly as possible. It pays to make it an automatic process to constantly weigh and switch between: do I do it myself , do I outsource it , or do I do magic ?

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The most important rule of the game

Magic? Of course. A super important rule of the game is that everything in this world and beyond is more or less makeable energy . With ‘ Doing ‘ you work on energy that has become observable matter . With ‘ Interacting ‘ you interact with people (and sometimes animals). And with ‘ Magic ‘ you work with your thoughts on the whole of energy (matter, people, animals, air, … everything). The power of your thoughts is your main asset in making the game smooth and frictionless for you.

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The energy that makes up everything vibrates. And your thoughts are also vibrating energy. One of the rules of the game is that similar vibrations attract and strengthen each other . And if sufficient reinforcement takes place, the rarefied energy of your thoughts condenses into events and circumstances. Then people and things come your way in line with your thoughts. Many people (still) regard this as ‘supernatural’. Fine, then we use the term ‘magic’. But in fact this comes down to applying quantum physics – an aspect of physics.

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The most difficult way of creating is: working on energy that has become ‘matter’. Stuff. To change something in matter you often have to put a lot of energy into it. This applies to making something, but also to breaking something down or moving it. Yet this can also be very satisfying if you are good at it as an Exceller. A Do-exceller therefore enjoys using his body and mind. And to use resources such as tools, raw materials, means of transport, etc.

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Are you not very handy? Then it is easier to exchange, outsource or otherwise influence people. As an Exceller, you must be skilled in seducing and convincing others, making it clear what you want and checking in a timely manner whether everything is happening according to your wishes. If all goes well, this will take less energy than doing it yourself.

The simplest way of seduction is to pay someone for it or exchange something else of value with someone . For the rest, communication is mainly involved. An Interaction- exceller therefore enjoys using his or her communication skills. And to use his or her value and communication tools.

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Against the effort of creating, there must be periods of relaxation and refueling . This includes activity breaks (eating, sleeping, exercising, dancing), interaction breaks (listening, singing, saving) and thinking breaks (meditation, mindfulness, etc.). That seems obvious, but driven Outliers can sometimes go on for too long and sometimes have to learn to recognize signals and take them seriously.

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Manage and maintain

In the game you start with basic equipment (where and what you are born with). Not only your body and mind, but everything you subsequently create and collect must be maintained, monitored, repaired (or disposed of in a timely manner), or saved.

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Real Excellers are good at processing what they experience. Including observing what has been created by themselves and others. They have been given senses for that. They can recognize their role, enjoy it and learn from it . Anyone who gains knowledge about the game and the participants becomes better at the game. Books in which the life wisdom of others is recorded plays a special role in this. This website aims to guide you through summaries to the underlying knowledge, insights and wisdom in relevant books.  

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Be aware (mindful).

In addition to your talents, knowledge, experience, tools, relationships, etc., you must learn a set of indispensable skills to play better and become an Exceller more efficiently. One of the skills is: being aware of your role in the game, of your feelings and of other consequences of your creative actions.

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While playing you will undoubtedly encounter annoying things and obstacles. They are part of the game. Excellers realize that everything you pay attention to grows . A bad feeling means that your thoughts are not attracting the right thing . That is the signal to choose different thoughts. Excellence give annoying things as little attention as possible . Through (annoying and fun) experiences they develop preferences and are inspired to new desires (for example, for the opposite). And those desires can lead to new creations. They also recognize which desires do and do not match their mission.

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Other skills

The following skills are also crucial for an efficient Exceller:

  • can really make a decision, but also seek advice
  • putting yourself first, but also connecting yourself
  • don’t just use your head, but also listen to your heart
  • commit yourself and still feel free
  • accept but also resist
  • only judge if it yields something
  • manage your mood
  • manage your beliefs
  • feel responsible or not
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Being better at the game means: 1) increasingly getting the desired thing your way instead of the unwanted and 2) (partly because of this) having a good feeling as often as possible . So: experience joy and be happy. In short: success in the game mainly means: pleasant life .

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End of the game

You ‘win’ when you have gained the intended experience of your mission and thus gained more self-insight. However, if you do it right, you will never win at someone else’s expense. In principle, every Outlier can fulfill his own assignment.